Thursday, May 19, 2011

lumberjack chic


I look at these and really can’t get over how ridiculous it all is combined with that boot.  Mostly because it’s just so big!  I have relatively small feet so they probably could have given me the children’s sized boot and I would have been just fine.

This isn’t an incredibly exciting outfit.  Pretty much an example of what I lounge around in when the boys go off hiking and I’m stuck at home being broken.  If there were such a thing in California, I would definitely wear this outfit during an Indian summer.  However, there is not.  So I just wear seasonal clothes whenever I get a cooler day.


I won these earrings from a giveaway on Bridget’s blog (who is so entertaining and funny; love that in a blog)!  Exciting, no?  It was for me at least because it was at the end of the week that I broke my foot… so it hadn’t exactly been a happy week.  This definitely made up for it though.  They’re from Ike and Co. which is a really adorable etsy shop with super cute earrings.  Check her stuff out it’s really unique and the prices are crazy good.


Anyway, my mind is super shot today for some reason (it took me about two hours to write this… yeah, I know!).  So I will leave you to go watch the results show of American Idol.  I know all you East coasters already know who gets kicked off, but I’m really hoping it’s not Haley because she’s my fave and I’m sort of over all the country music ballads and stuff (plus those other two will for sure get a record deal).

flannel shirt: Sidecca, skirt & belt: Forever 21, earrings: Ike and Co.


  1. The first thing I saw by looking at your pictures...theyellow earrings!! Such a great color! And your boot looks stylish! hihihi

    I like flannel shirts, but I never had one... I dont know why! I need to change that!

    Thanks for the comment!!!
    and a big hello from Germany!

  2. mmmmmmm,wow i like your castshoe and you have cute sexy toes xoxoxox.


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