Wednesday, May 4, 2011

heatwave lounge

California is being quite California-like right now.  It's been real spring, but we're so on to summer temps (apparently).  No hard feelings I hope.  So this outfit is a bit uninspired, but really when the highs breech 90, you can only put so much clothing on your body before you burst into flames.  But hats, that's where it's at these days my friends!  Get yourself a nice straw one for sunny afternoons and I guarantee you'll be laughing oh so merrily at yourself like I am in that first picture (ridiculous, no?).

Though, admittedly, we aren't at full blown summer capacity just yet.  Stuff is still growing from the ground and giving me stupid allergy headaches.  Aren't they the worst though?  They just sort of stay with you all day, but aren't strong enough to completely incapacitate you.  So you have to go about your normal day dealing with this annoying pain when really you just want to be unconscious.  Possibly unconscious until a time when the stuff is finished growing and you can walk among the living again.

In light of this fact, I've been curling up in bed rather early these days with my Netflix.  And did you even know that instant Netflix has almost all of Ken Burns' documentaries?  Did you know that?!  I love me some Ken Burns.  Those documentaries touch my soul and, no exaggeration, make me cry.  Am I alone here?  I cry during a majority of each of the 3400 hours of each Ken Burns documentary.  And I'm not just talking about Ken Burns 'Civil War', I mean I cry during Ken Burns 'Baseball'.  Often for no other reason than the narrator's gentle voice.

No, but the moral of the story is that you should check his stuff out.  Especially if you've never seen any of the Civil War documentary.  It's good.  Just bring a box of tissues... or don't if, you know, you're normal.

outfit: Forever 21 (yep, literally just realized Forever 21 threw up on me for this outfit)


  1. love your style!
    obsessed with the lacey socks and floral shoes! so cute!
    now following via bloglovin'


  2. I just adore the lace socks with the floral pumps! they are so cute and sweet!
    Your hat is quite chic as well. Sorry you aren't getting to enjoy your nice warm weather.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. your socks is definitely the prettiest sock I've ever laid my eyes on!

    love your shoes as well :)

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    would be great if you follow me back :)

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  4. You are so sweet!! I like your smile!!! )))
    And I like the shoes and socks!!! *-*

  5. Love the shoe + sock pairing!

  6. Ooohhh, the shoes! Too cute! I see you plant it also doing better - good news!

  7. Love this post & love youre blog!
    I'm following now!
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