Saturday, May 21, 2011



So a little while ago I started using Windows Live Writer for my posts (which I’m actually really liking) and there are many options in terms of how you can display your photos.  Now I usually don’t go crazy and just leave my photos without borders or any other bells and whistles.  However, like any good blogger, I just couldn’t resist using the polaroid option.

I really began dabbling more and more in photography about a year and a half ago.  Funnily enough, I was more familiar with Photoshop than I was with using a dslr at that point.  In those early days, I definitely enjoyed doing crazy, overdone edits to my pictures.  Turns out they kind of lend themselves nicely to the polaroid look.  Perhaps I’ll make this a little series of sorts as a way to sort of showcase those old pictures.  It makes me sad that they just sit on my computer.

In a way it somewhat fills the void left in my heart after I got rid of my Spice Girls polaroid camera (yeah, it WAS as awesome as it sounds) during a phase where I was trying to be cool.  What a stupid, youthful act!  Would there be anything in the world cooler than owning a Spice Girls polaroid camera today??  No, of course not!


  1. I love these pics! I'm always a fan of "old polaroids". I also love your use of "funnily".
    Hope all is well, Melina! Btw, I'll be in LA watching the Red Bull races tomorrow, are you anywhere close to that area?


  2. you definitely should have kept the spice girls polaroid! so cool! haha. xo

  3. nice blog! :) i am here for the first time and i will be here often! i really like it. ;)
    so come to me too and follow if you want. :)

    kisses, anna. ;*

  4. The faux roids look awesome, and it is sad that you got rid of your camera. I still have my super awesome izone, but it's pretty tough to come by film for it these days.

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