Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen? dad? maybe?) of the jury:  I need new glasses.  I’ve been thinking I was in need of an update for a little while and then my friend’s little dog sort of helped move the process along. 

But wait, say you; you don’t wear glasses!  Imposter!  Wannabe hipster!  Passé!

photo (3)

But I do.  They’re just highly functional and not so much cute.  And I’ve been told if I reeeally squint I could pass the DMV test, but I don’t even bother because it’s always packed and hostile and it scares me in there.  So I have them and wear them to do functional things like drive and watch movies.  Sometimes I’ll throw them on when I go outside just to be all like whooooaaa… because, you know, I don’t do drugs so seeing things clearly every now and then is about as mind-bending as I’ll ever get.

Regardless, I’ve been looking at the options out there and you know what?  The selection for women is significantly less than awesome.  It just reminds me of how I loathe this process because the people always tell me I need small frames.  Small, smaller, smallest!  But your face is so tiny.

People are crazy.  Exhibit A: the dork couple-


My face is eating up the frames, people.  My face is not tiny, eyeglasses salesperson.  You don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings, I don’t have a complex over it.  Really it’s the only area of shopping where I’ll be proud of how large a size I wear.  You know what bigger lenses will do?

a. Give a better field of vision, b. Dwarf my face making me look oh so dainty.  Please let me look oh so dainty!

Now, I’m not saying I’m going all the way to the other end of the spectrum, but I mean… how awesome would it be if I did?


(Exhibit B*: this awesome.)

Really I’m just looking for something a little rounder/wider because I really don’t like that I can sometimes see the frames.  So I implore you:

Show me yo’ glasses!  What type do you have?  Have you ever shopped online (it is significantly cheaper!)?  I don’t wear them all the time, so shouldn’t they be kind of fun?

*Brother in my dad’s glasses that he wore throughout most of my childhood.  Probably significantly responsible for how awesome my childhood was.


  1. In my honest opinion, I think you should don exhibit b. Id love to see melina the hipster!

  2. I have glasses, but I never wear them, not even to drive. I haven't had my eyes checked in years because ignorance is bliss.

    But if i were getting some new frames, i'd get this purple banana republic pair.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. you're adorable!!! i love your spunk. haha especially that line in the beginning, "(gentlemen? dad? maybe?)" aha haha. yes so true. good luck on the glasses quest! i'm sure you'll find some you love eventually :) <3


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