Monday, April 25, 2011

there's no blue monday in your sunday clothes

We went on a Sunday drive in our Easter best (bests?).  Only James and I are terrible at Sunday drives because we never know where to go and always decide to go on them about 10 minutes before the sun goes down.  Generally this is coupled with having yet to eat dinner or lunch, so we're starving, but want to say we actually did something on our Sunday.  So we spend about 15 minutes on Mulholland Drive and then circle back around to go home.

Perhaps that's smart in this $4.50-a-gallon economy though?  Who can say.

So we ended up here:

This is the place we met.  We did our Los Angeles internships in that building.  I know, I know... it's almost too romantic to handle.  The overcast sky, the vacant parking lot, concrete.  I know!
However, surprise of all surprises, taking pictures is not, in fact, as awesome as eating dinner.  So we grabbed our Easter hats (adorable, I know) and hauled it all back home.  There I discovered that cooking potatoes is probably my least favorite thing ever and that I hate my oven.  Except I maintained a positive disposition (mostly) because it was a holy holiday after all.  So I left the profanities until after midnight... which wasn't all that much after we were finally able to eat* (curse you, potatoes!).

me: dress (worn as top): H&M, skirt: Forever 21, hat: Charlotte Russe, tights: Target
James: hat: vintage, everything else: Banana Republic


  1. cute pics! how fun. <3

  2. Aw this post is so adorable! I love both of your hats.

  3. These shots are amazing. Love em .

    check me out at

  4. That's so cute. :) Your hats are adorable. I love going on drives with my boyfriend.

  5. Love these gorgeous pictures, oh no... those damn potatoes! Glad that you held off on the profanities until after midnight, hehe. ;-)

    As for the outfit, fab of course!! I actually have the same H&M dress and love wearing it as a top or layering it under a dress. And I'm loving your gorgeous tights. Happy Friday. x veronika


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