Monday, April 18, 2011

stretching your dollar {and jeans}

Last weekend I had the greatest thrifting experiences of my life.  First off, we went back to the site of my denim jacket incident (that I chronicled here... also, feel free to use that as a band name).  This having been the first time I had visited the store since my tragic loss, I didn't hold out much hope for finding anything, but lo, the good gods of thrifting had other plans for me.  There among the XXL trucker denim jackets was my little, 70s denim jacket of love.  I swooned.  Then snatched it up.

Then, but a day later, James and I found ourselves in Studio City (okay perhaps here... again).  There's a great thrift shop near our beloved Chipotle and James suggested we check it out.  Yet I was still basking in the thrifting glory of the day before and knew that I had used up my thrfiting good karma (also, thrifting may not so much be a word).  So I wandered the aisles aimlessly while James looked at old things that were not clothes.  Maybe, I thought to myself, I'll have a gander at the denim here for potential cut-off shorts jeans purposes [sorry if I just gave you a poor grammar induced stroke].

That's when my eyes beheld such a glorious wash on a pair of jeans unto which I had never before seen in a lowly thrift shop!  What is this?  Perfect light wash?  Slight flare at the bottom?  But are they my size?  I peeked at the tag and saw 'James'.  Fangirl Melina came out.  OMGJamesJeans!  These are like... designer.  And $7.  And mine.

Oh, but did I tell you the one catch?  Yes, I broke the cardinal rule.  I bought a pair of jeans one (1) size too small.  Which is everything you don't want to do when you are shopping because it only ever makes you feel bad about yourself.  But come on, James Jeans... not only are they fancy, but I mean... James!  Plus this is thrifting we're talking about and sometimes it happens.

So in light of this, let me share with you what helped me.  Lunges.  No seriously, a lot of lunges.  But not just your normal oh-crap-i-left-them-in-the-dryer-too-long lunges; fancy denim lunges.  By this I mean, assess where the jeans are the tightest.  Obtain a spray bottle and spray these areas with water while wearing them.  Then proceed to do lunges until your legs give out.  As in, all night long I did lunges (Netflix instant watch helps).

Afterward, soak them in water (after having removed them, of course), perhaps hand wash them while you're at it, and then pull at the area that needs to be stretched again.  If you're really gung-ho, soak them while wearing them and lunge some more.

Never, ever dry them.  Always let them air dry.  And there you have it!  Now like I said, they were one (1) size too small.  So I could still button them up and they weren't cutting off circulation or anything... just not the most comfortable.  Also, seven dollars!

jeans: thrifted James Jeans, tweed jacket: Kohl's, t-shirt: gift from James, belt: H&M, oxford heels: Aldo Chua


  1. the jeans look great. i think i might have to try out this lunge method with a pair i just gave up on!

  2. Lmao @ lunges and the band name! If I had a band I would totally call us The Denim Jacket Incident. Love it. And the jeans are lovely too :)

  3. congrats on your thrifting finds! send a little thrifting karma my way! xo

  4. I love the jeans! And those shoes.... um... I'm going to need to go find them asap. I absolutely *love* that peeptoe!

  5. yeah, i can understand why you couldn't pass these up, $7! that's why i love thrifting ;)


  6. thanks for those jeans tipsss !!

    i love your pair :)



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