Thursday, April 7, 2011

musings on "conservative" dressing

I wore this out to a birthday party over the weekend, to James' chagrin.  I mean, in his defense this shirt did start off normal sized and then I decided that it needed to be attacked with a pair of scissors right before we left.  Not that he had any reason to be concerned in the first place.  It was one of those rare instances where we were at a function where the females outnumber the males.  Also there may have been a cardigan involved in this ensemble at some point too.

Perhaps I was influenced by all the early episodes of Friends I've been watching.  Jennifer Aniston was constantly dressed in wide-leg, high-waist pants and cut off shirts.  Something about this early 90s combination seems perfectly acceptable and socially appropriate to me.  However, you have to understand my adolescence was in the midst of the Britney-super-human-abs-low-rise-pants phase (aka: the skank years) that was popular there for awhile.  So 'dressing conservatively' is a pretty meaningless phrase to me.  Showing a tiny bit of torso seems about as harmless as showing my ankles.

But then again, at the turn of the last century that would have made me a  harlot... so who can say.

pants: H&M, diy cut-off top: thrifted, earrings: Forever 21, wedge sandals: Sofft Shoes


  1. hahahaha oh the skank years

    i could definitely see this outfit being worn on friends!

    ugh, i am soo stressed during flights too, but that one particular flight was so long that i had enough time to calm myself down enough to remember my camera.. actually, i was so excited to see the view that i almost forgot i was flying.. almost.

  2. i love your cropped top!! great pics, great post, great blog! :)

  3. loooove this look. reminds me of myself with the scissor and love of crop tops. much to the dismay of my mother who likes properly sewn hemlines.

  4. I have some trousers like these, love them. They're so easy to wear & are really comfy. :) x


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