Friday, April 8, 2011

long, hot summer

I've become accustomed to many aspects of life in Southern California, but the consistently pleasant weather still gets to me.  I guess I'm still a New Englander at heart because all throughout Los Angeles' "winter" it's felt like spring to me and now that the true spring is here temperatures are making me think summery thoughts.  So here I give you my current summer inspiration.  Lots of prints and color and light fabrics.

1.  Forever 21 Floral Tea Party Dress
2.  Topshop Cream Floral Bralet
3.  Free People Lace Cropped Kaftan
4.  Forever 21 Floral Scarf
5.  French Connection FC72 Vintage Paisley Print Tunic
6.  Steve Madden Veno Wedge Sandal
7.  ASOS Floral Leggings
8.  Free People Slot Canyon Sweater
9.  Free People Scrunched Floral Tunic
10.  Marie Claire Fashion Shoot
11.  Insight Jeddah Print Deep V One Piece Swimsuit
12.  Threadscene Dings n Dents Knuckle Ring


  1. Lovely post. The cream floral bralet is really cute. Nice blog :).

    Hugs from:

  2. Great pics! Wanting to get a few of those myself now :)

  3. Love this. We should go thrifting sometime together! I'm having the worst time finding good stuff here in socal though (so picked over), I guess there is something good about the lack of style in NJ, more stuff at the thrift store for me!

  4. Wow- it is so heavenly to think of a life with no cold temps... When I was in Rome, I sort of had that luxury, but then as soon as I got to New York, I had a very rude awakening... :/ Winter just does not want to go away, even though it is April!! Gah.

    The items you chose are gorgeous! I'm crazy about the '70s vibe of this season, especially with the awesome, bright warm colors (mustard, coral- love!) and the pretty patterns with lace, flowers, etc. So much fun! x

  5. Wow!
    I love all of them! :D :D

  6. great inspiration! I love the floral bralet!
    cute blog too, now following!


  7. You've so conveniently numbered each one! haha #3 = <3 good stuff.


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