Friday, April 29, 2011

if you can just get your mind together

Between bees and internet issues and royal weddings... and the fact that I have been easily distracted this week... well... it adds up to a lack of blogging... and ellipses.  Apparently.

Also, did the royals (Royals?  Do I have to capitalize?  Or capitalise... since we're talking about the British?) even think about us people on the west coast?  And how when we (I) decide at the last minute that we (I) are in fact sort of interested in watching the wedding we (I) then have to stay up all the live long night to watch?  Did they even think of that??

So selfish, right?

And what exactly is a crumpet?

Regardless, they should have let Kate have at least one.  But oh and doesn't her hair deserve epic poems written in its honour (yeah I did)?  Oh and thank you for this.

See, these are the things I think about.

Oh right, those pictures above.  Well they are quite old and apparently from when I was in the mood to dress a bit like Jimi Hendrix.  Then again, when should we not dress like Jimi Hendrix??  Deep thoughts tonight.  I hope you can handle it.

Okay, it's Friday night and I need to make this (yes I need to... okay, no I don't) and possibly google what shampoo the Duchess of Cambridge is using (CRAZY night, I know).

velvet scarf: vintage, platform heels: Jessica Simpson Dany heels, belt: thrifted, skirt, cami & hat: Forever 21


  1. You look AMAZING. From hat, to shoe :)
    And Kate really does have some lovely hair lol!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Gorgeous skirt and I love the big block heels too! xxx

  3. lovely pictures. love the skirt alot. thanx for that sweet comment

  4. oh the wedding, don't get me started haha. I am much to obsessed with the English. And I'm not a huge lover of cheetah or print for that matter, but you certainly do this justice cause you look great!

  5. Great blog! Love your pics and your style! Love the leopard skirt, the hat and the shoes :)

    Follow each other?

  6. Yes, what the heck is a crumpet? I'll have to google it. Princess Catherine (although I prefer to call her Kate), looked amazing! So did her sis.
    Btw, love the leopard and the purple. An unlikely pairing but definitely worked.


  7. I have that same skirt! I love it! I must say, it looks amazing on you and I love it with the purple scarf!

  8. Beautiful look & photos!! I love those platforms, they are beyond gorgeous. I'm thinking that I MUST get a pair. And I'm loving your "mediterranean {on a budget}" post, such fab picks!! Hope you're having a terrific Wednesday. xx veronika

  9. Great photos!! I love shoes!! I follow you!!

  10. Love this outfit. That skirt with those shoes perfection



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