Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes I have late night fits of histrionics and, since I have a boyfriend who so
rudely works nights to support my cheese popcorn addiction,
I must harass him with long texts wailing on about the injustices of life.

Last night's was delightfully dramatic.

I complained unto him that he was too nice to me and that I wake him up during the day all the time and eat too much cheese popcorn and try to separate him from Chipotle!  Woe unto us both!

You should separate me from too many burritos!

This is LA!  The odds are stacked in your favor!

...Burritos will be the death of me

He's so good at distracting me from my own dramatics...

That is all.

{picture taken: summer 2010}


  1. This was so cute! I have an addiction to hmmm.. I actually don't know where to start- I have a couple of them! Cheese popcorn and burritos are good ones though... Actually if you like cheese popcorn, you absolutely have to try these preztel bits that are cheddar cheese flavored... They have loads of other flavors too, honey mustard, sour cream and onion, bbq... they are HEAVEN, I tell you.. HEAVEN. I think the brand is called Snyder of Hanover? You need to try them!! xx

  2. aweeeee this is a real cute dedicated post !
    my guy can be annoying, but his annoying-ness actually makes me laugh.. lol..

    that's the odd of a relationship i guess

  3. OMG! i love your hair, so cute!!

    p.s being dramatic just makes life more fun sometimes. and then afterward it makes you laugh.


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