Wednesday, March 9, 2011

we were just young and restless and bored

This was from Saturday when it really felt like California and I think hit 80.  I took a couple quick pictures before we went out thirfting (unsuccessfully) because every time I wear this dress I never get the opportunity to photograph it.  I got it over a year ago on sale at Urban Outfitters.  Their sales always throw me for a loop because you'll find a dress like this marked at $18 when the original price was something much closer to (or sometimes over) $100.  Makes you wonder...

Regardless, I love the print and colors in this dress.  I feel like they reflect my personality: loud, all over the place and just shy of being a little too much.  Not that I feel those traits come across very much on my blog.

We had a very eventful thrifting experience too.  First this little girl told me she liked my outfit, which was really cute and flattering (cause let's face it, kids are brutally honest).  However, she proceeded to follow me all around the store asking me questions.  Kind of threw off my ability to really sift through the racks of crap you find at thrift stores for those hidden gems.  As fate would have it though, I managed to find the most perfect denim jacket.  Seriously, that baby fit like a glove and was totally 70s, which you may have heard me wax poetic about my love for that look.

So I finally shake off the little girl (what? the cuteness of the situation wore off) and go to pay for it.  The flimsy little price tag had fallen off when I tried it on, so I handed it to the cashier.  Well she decided to rain on my parade.  Apparently she couldn't sell it to me if the price tag wasn't "intact".  Okay.  Can someone reprice it?  No.

Now I don't know how far up into my head my eyes rolled, but it definitely gave me a headache.  So I composed myself and walked out sans my fantastic find.  I'm hoping and wishing on eyelashes that I can return and it will still be there because I swear I was not in any way trying to pull a fast one on them and tamper with a thrift store price tag.  A price tag that said $3!

Le sigh.  I suppose that's life.

dress: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Aldo 'Hilovsky', necklace: gift from a friend, belt: old?, bracelets: Rose Bowl Flea Market


  1. cute outfit i like how you wrapped the belt around the dress

  2. i love the print of this dress! From far away, it sorta looks like paint splatters, BUT! the lovely flowers are so romantic and adorable. I love this look.

  3. I love this dress!! I love urban outfitters sales too :) especially their first sale in belgium, the store just opened less then a month before that sale... everything was buy three get one of them for free (the cheapest one) :o I went crazy :)


  4. This dress is beautiful.

    I love how you've teamed it with the belt & necklace. :)

    Little girls are cute up to a point, but definately not when they ruin a shopping trip. ;D

    Following. :) x

  5. Oh my gosh- your boots! They are gorgeous! I love that little v-shape they make at the top.. they remind me of boots that would have been in style in the '80s. And that goes for your dress, too with that fabulous shape and the bright colors. So it looks really awesome together with the boots.

    Oh man- that really stinks about the jacket!! Why couldn't they just reprice it? That makes absolutely NO sense- what a bummer!!! And for $3 no less. Please. x

  6. LoL, funny story. Too bad about the jacket but at least you have lil' fans following you around now! Although you didn't seem to like that...

    Great dress btw!

  7. i love the color of that dress, it's so vibrant! very cute blog!

  8. nice dress, it fits you so well, and i like how you combined it with the necklace, somehow a contrast, also with the belt, of course.

    i like :)

  9. love your dress! and how you styled it :)

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  10. cool blog!I love it!
    Nice pics!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it. Thank you so much!

  11. i want those cut out boots of yoursss !
    they add a dash of edge to the whole look !

    glisters and blisters

  12. i love the necklace! such a perfect accessory!

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  14. You look amazing!
    Very inspiring blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  15. That dress are LOVELY!!! I love the colors!


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