Friday, March 25, 2011

so let it rock, let it roll

So I have been beyond busy recently working, not to mention playing hostess.  James' brother was here at the beginning of the week and tomorrow my best friend flies in for my birthday (eeeek, birthdays).  I haven't even thought about packing for our Joshua Tree camping excursion and I still have some cleaning to do before tomorrow as well.  However, keeping busy definitely has its plus-side, especially when it prevents you from moping around about turning another year older.

These were not taken this week... possibly last week?  All I know is that the weather has not been warm enough (or dry enough) to be wearing this ensemble without some more layers.  However, this is a great example of how I've been dressing recently.  Sometimes you just need some go-to pieces that you can just throw on and not think about.  This thrifted dress always seems to work for me.  It's really comfy and in no way fussy.  Oh and are you sick of these boots yet?

Well I guess I don't really have much of anything to say.  I also still have some cleaning and planning I should probably get around to, if only to distract myself from the fact that I'm already 24 on the East coast.

dress: thrifted, scarf: vintage, boots: Modcloth On Repeat Boots, socks: J. Crew


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