Tuesday, March 1, 2011

never take it seriously

Is everyone just totally freaking out over all the 70s-inspired pieces that are being released in stores for spring??  I for one am pretty much beside myself with delight.  The 70s are my favorite!  Not that I was exactly alive, but I just know they would have rocked my world (though my mother continually insists that I 'didn't miss much'... I just choose to ignore that).

The other night we watched Almost Famous which, coupled with all the spring homages to that wonderful decade, basically sent me into a nostalgic-but-not-really-since-I-wasn't-alive frenzy (also, I will find Penny Lane's incredible coat).  I could watch that movie over and over and never get tired of all the images and costumes (and Billy Crudup sporting the best non-creepy porno 'stache ever).

We got talking about how the 70s isn't generally the decade of choice that people my age wistfully wish we were a part of.  Generally people want to go back to the 60s and, to paraphrase from the movie, by the 70s rock n' roll was over.  However, most of the classic rock I like is actually from the 70s.  The whole southern rock movement, motherf***ing Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin, 'Layla'.  Pretty much all the songs from my childhood that suddenly resonated so strongly with me when I was in high school. 

Plus, the androgynous style of the decade always seemed so easy and cool.  The way patterns and textures were so haphazardly mixed without regard as to whether or not anything matched.  Even though my mother cringes, there is this awesome picture of my dad in high school wearing stripes and plaid pants with super poofy hair.  I always secretly thought 'this is such a cool way to dress'.

Now of course this isn't the craziest 70s-inspired outfit ever, but I've got the paisley scarf (last seen here) mixed with the tweed jacket and, naturally, a long skirt.  And since we're starting March and spring will soon be here, expect to see me revel in the fact that the trends of this season pay homage to the style of my favorite decade.  Oh happy times!

convertible dress (worn as skirt): J. Crew, jacket: Kohl's, tank top & hair clip: Forever 21, oxford heels: Aldo


  1. YES. 60's and 70's are awesome. Great post love the floral accents.


  2. i love the 60's and 70's the women where so elegant. nice outfit


  3. these photos are insanely fabulous!

    love your oxford heels :)

  4. Actually, I like the 80's best but Southern Rock rules! Lynard Skynard, Marshall Tucker Band... good stuff!


  5. Sweet ouitfit. Great skirt!


  6. Yes! Penny Lanes coat - gimme! Poufy 70's teenager dad hair - my favorite! Fleetwood mac - to die. Love this post and love that skirt!

  7. i love how the sun hits your hair !
    and the long skirt is beautiful !

    thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters

  8. I LOVE finding photo's of my parents from the 70's. Hilarious.

    I love the 70's look you have going here. Subtle, but still giving off the vibe, which is what its all about.

  9. This is a great 70s sorta librarian or secretary inspired look! I love it, also the 70s is my favorite decade as well!


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