Tuesday, February 15, 2011

things i like tuesday

Over Christmas, my Dad (a biker) and I went perusing through a bike shop one day just for kicks (because that's what you do in New Hampshire).  He got such a kick out of all the retro cruiser bikes.  Ever since then, I've been thinking how Toluca Lake is the perfect little area to have a bike.  This adorable Schwinn from Target is relatively cheap too...

 Last week I picked up crocheting.  Ya know, on a whim.  That's how I roll.  In doing so I stumbled across Allison Hoffman's blog Crafty is Cool.  It's simply the most adorable craft blog I've ever seen.  I dare you to go to it and not immediately head to your local craft store to make these cute monsters.

Since I've enforced a strict no-buying-clothing policy on myself, I torture myself almost daily by making wishlists on Etsy.  It almost aches me to share this with you, so if you buy this adorable maxi dress from seller Kinfauns please share pictures with me so I can live vicariously through your purchase.

Last, but in no way least, I stumbled across this divine wedding via Style Me Pretty.  It was shot by Three Nails Photography and is, in my mind, simply incredible.  This is the type of photography that makes me realize I could practice a thousand years and never produce work this good.  Such amazing talent here.



  1. Great inspiration! And the little crochet creatures are just too damn cute!!

  2. these wedding photos are amazing and i would totally love to ride around in a vintage bike :)

  3. i saw that wedding too! and what i just loved about it was that the groom shot most of it! my fiancé is a photog as well and he's wanting to shoot at our wedding, but i was always unsure if we would have time for that. but this beautiful wedding convinced me it's totally possible!


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