Tuesday, February 22, 2011

things i like tuesday: belated valentine's day edition

Just some random things.  The crochet heart garland I made for Valentine's Day... my only pathetic little decoration.  But don't feel bad, I was pretty proud of myself since I picked up crochet solely to make it.  Also I just love this view of the Valley from Mulholland Drive.  Particularly because you can see where we live, nestled in that 'V' of houses in the last picture (in the middle).

Of course a belated Valentine's Day post wouldn't be complete without:

Looking dapper, Mr. James.  =]


  1. When love is in the air, valentine-day-spirit is never time-bound!

    Love without limits & be loved!

  2. Your photography is always perfect! I love this heart chain! Thank you fro the comments in my blog dear! They really mean a lot!

  3. beautiful pictures :) I am your new follower :)


  4. mmm still jealous of that view. haha

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