Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pasta & veggies

I had to steady myself mentally to make this meal.  It was not in any way a hard meal to make, yet I found myself putting on defensive armor before James even woke up that day, going through disaster scenarios and contingency plans in my head, pepping myself up for the event.

You see, my Jamesfriend loves spaghetti.  Would eat it every. single. day. if he could.  However, he likes it straight-up manly.  Tomato sauce and meatballs.  (Mac & cheese is the only exception to that, but please, that's because it's awesome.)  So when he posed the proverbial 'What's for dinner?' question the other day and I answered 'Pasta', he knew something was afoot.  If we have pasta, he's usually making it.  I saw it in his eyes, Why is she making it?  This mustn't be normal pasta...

'What type of pasta?'
'Pasta with vegetables'


'What kind of vegetables?'

Well that was it, I went off on how he's a-grown-man-and-needs-to-eat-vegetables and vitamin deficiencies and eat-it-because-you-love-me and I-don't-overcook-them-I-promise and fine-make-your-own-dinner.  All in the matter of about 1.5 breaths.  Apparently I had worked myself up a bit.

The squall of dramatics subsided about as quickly as it had occurred.  Compromise ensued.  And he even ate some of the plant matter.

The recipe was based loosely on this one, but really it's just sauteed vegetables spiced as you please and mixed with the pasta of your choice.  Top with some parmesan and enjoy the deliciousness of a healthy meal.  (Make a lot, this is a great leftover meal.)

Oh and any suggestions on how to get a twenty-something boy to eat like a grown-up would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!
    It looks so fresh and healty :)

    Love your blog as well, follow it right now by bloglovin'.

    x Robine

  2. Loving this post! This looks so tasty & healthy!! must try it this weekend :)

  3. This looks so healthy and so amazing!


  4. I LOVE this post!! I love how the food looks delicious, whenever I try taking pictures of delicious food, it looks :s not that good ^^ but you made great shots!! want to try it, totally looks like it's my taste :)


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