Friday, February 4, 2011

lemony chicken saltimbocca

The other day I made another recipe from my favorite food blog, For the Love of CookingLemony Chicken Saltimbocca.  Which was seasoned chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto and served with a delicious lemon sauce.

James immediately asked that I add this to our favorites rotation, so I considered it a success.  The recipe actually called for sage leaves, but I didn't have any on hand (that seems to be a common theme here...).  However, I did have fresh basil, my favorite.  So I substituted that and honestly, it worked perfectly!



  1. Omg... this looks heavenly!! Mmm I could practically smell and taste it looking at the photos, and I could just imagine how amazing this would be to eat on a day that is a bit chilly yet sunny (don't ask why these specific details.. it's just when I look at food, I always like to create a scenario for it.. :P )

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  2. oh wow it looks tasty ! YUMMIE! great photos!<3

    xx, tany and nati<3

  3. hey lady!

    i love your blog! perfect mix of food and fashion. and if I ate meat, I would certainly be making this. looks so good.

    and i love your style (and short hair) and I see you in live in so cal. I'm moving out to San Diego in like two weeks. We start driving on tuesday!

    glad you found me/found you.

    -katherine xo

  4. Just came across your blog and am a huge fan! Must try that chicken recipe this weekend :)

  5. This looks so delicious, Melina!! Thank you for the recipe!

  6. delicious. I am begrudgingly eating my sandwich now.

  7. I don't like meat, but it looks great!

  8. That looks goood ! ;-) And my fridge is currently empty ;(

  9. oh goodness that loooks lovely! i all of a sudden have a craving(: lol.

    gorgeous food and fun photos that look delightful!


  10. Can I get it to go - oh, and throw in your mac & cheese as a side! If only...
    "Because sometimes, it's just funny"


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