Thursday, February 10, 2011

greece lightning

I don't really know what to write recently.  I feel the need to entertain you with my words and get the sense that it will never happen.  Usually I don't dwell on it this much, but I'm not thrilled with these pictures.  Each smile on my face only infuriated me more about this set as I edited.  Past me should not be smiley and happy because present me can't seem to make this set of pictures nice.  Of course, I'm posting them anyway because I have nothing else for you currently.  And apparently I'm more concerned with quantity than quality.

Anywho, this shirt is from James.  It was the first gift he gave me.  Cause, you know, I'm Greek.

(Oh my goodness, it's super hard to write when American Idol is on and people are singing bad and I have a Troy cat throwing himself down next to me and whining and being all dramatic because he thinks he's starvingHe's not.)

What was I even saying?  I don't know...  This outfit is an example of what happens when you slowly, lazily get dressed throughout the day (and this post would be an example of when you slowly, lazily lose brain function).  It's called not cohesive.  (Non-cohesive?)  I was kind of just like 'Ooo this shirt!' and 'I haven't worn this skirt in awhile' and 'but I haven't shaved my legs... where are my really long socks?'  Attention deficit disorderly dressing.  It's a thing (or it isn't).

skirt, cardigan, belt: Forever 21, shirt: gift, over the knee socks: American Apparel, wedges: Sofft Shoes


  1. So gorgeous lovey! That shirt is fantastic :)


  2. Attention deficit dressing turned out okay.

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  4. haha, you certainly entertained me on this one! Where do you live? That view is amazing!

  5. these shots are gorgeous!!! and you are really really pretty ;)
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  6. love the socks!

    F. ( x

  7. Hi sweetie!

    I just passed your blog &. I like it!

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    Hugs &. Kisses, Valerie

  8. So so so funny and true. Except in my world its SPASTIC dressing. Ah, that skirt, with what top! WHAT TOP?!?! (throwing clothes all around, scattering things about) and of course I'm out of the house 5 minutes later sweating, still buttoning my top, with mismatched socks. Anyway, I'm digging this look. I'm always a fan of chic/chill. Pretty skirt on bottom, relaxed T on top. Very pretty!


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