Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the art of folding paper

So because California has been rainy and cold and stupid recently and because I heart James so much, I've become acquainted with a little show called The X-Files.  Normally sci-fi isn't really my thang, but when it's rainy and cold out I don't have the attention span for movies (which is random, I get it) and we've pretty much watched all the other TV series we own (other than The OC which, oddly, James nixed... weird, right??).

The series has kind of started to grow on me though.  The novelty of David Duchovny looking like a baby is quite entertaining.  A brooding, conspiracy-theorist baby, that is.  Also, it's quite humorous to hear them talking about cutting edge technology such as DNA sequencing, dark matter and origami.  I shit you not, they explain what it is in one episode- didn't realize it was such a curious thing back in the 90s.  Oh and I just miss hearing the phrase 'It's the 90s!'  Ahh, it was the 90s.

Anywho, we recently watched this episode about Satanists residing in a sweet little town in good ol' New Hampshire and it totally freaked me out.  I can definitely see people being bored enough to worship the devil in the granite state (rocks people, our state is known for ROCKS).  But the most eerie thing was that the evil culprit person was a high school biology teacher.  I pondered this notion for .02 seconds before I realized 'Oh my crap, my biology teacher was totally a Satanist'.  That woman kind of looked like The Penguin and definitely talked about her sister not being alive anymore with way too much fervor.

Yet another reason to feel lucky to have survived sophomore year...

button-up shirt: Old Navy, floral scarf: vintage, jeans: Gap, belt: Forever 21, boots: ModCloth On Repeat Boots

**Note: Yeah this is what became of my late night memo to myself that I twittered about the other night.  Just because I know you were wondering.


  1. love your blog as always, i'll keep coming back!
    and i hope you'll come visit COSMICaroline again soon!


  2. I adore this look! Its so smart and chic, had to follow. following!

    follow me back?

  3. amazing blog:) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  4. oh i love ! you are so cute!

  5. Those boots are AMAZING!!!! Love the whole outfit!

  6. cute cute cute outfit. :) I stumbled upon your blog via Modcloth's tumblr.

    Ahh what a funny, but scary story about x-files. I was never brave enough to watch!

  7. Hello, just found your blog and so happy that I did, it's so lovely. I adore food + fashion two fave things. ;-) Consider me one of your newest followers. xx veronika

  8. Watching old 90s shows is the best. I wish Netflix instant streaming would get on their game and start offering, like, Ally McBeal and Dawson's Creek on instant watch. Though Lost has been keeping me mightly entertained, there's just something about shows from the previous millenium that get me. Like early episodes of Friends. I can't believe all the stuff they wore back then is coming back in style already.


  9. Oooo X-Files!!! I was getting my hair cut the other day, and the theme song came onto the radio, and it brought me straight back to the days when the show was on! Such a good show.. and definitely good for a rainy day :)

    I love how you pull out the subtle colors of an outfit, and play those up with how you mix and match. The brown stripe is so subtle, and I love how you highlight it with the leopard print scarf! x


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