Saturday, February 12, 2011

adventures in domesticity

The other day James gave me his credit card and told me to ‘try again.’  You see, I went grocery shopping the other day and apparently did it all wrong.  ‘How might one grocery shop wrong?’ you’re probably inclined to ask.  Well apparently by buying the bare minimum, being cost conscious and going to Trader Joe's.

So I got to do the best thing ever, go snack shopping!  I even got special permission to buy ice cream.  Two flavors.  One all to myself.  Happiness!  So I skipped-to-my-lou-ed to the big, corporate grocery store and got…. a cart.  Yep.  Serious shopping, none of this piddlely little basket shopping, I had a cart and a dream (and very poor driving skills… sorry countless people and objects I bumped into).

As I wrapped up my shopping trip of joy, I rounded the corner to the freezer section to get my beloved ice cream.  Since I wasn’t using my own money, I wanted to be sensible about the prices.  To my shock: buy two get one free was the cheapest option!  Suddenly my brain went into system overload.  Coming up with ONE ice cream flavor decision causes me a lot of strife… now I had to somehow narrow down the shelf of deliciousness to another?  See, I’m sort of a professional when it comes to ice cream.  I scooped the scoop for six or so summers.  The key to picking out multiple flavors is diversity (as is the key to many a-things, my friends).  You don’t get a cookie dough AND a cookies and cream.  Rookie mistake, that’s cookie overload.  James already had the obligatory healthy low-fat fruit flavor covered with his choice (boy is weird) so I didn’t have to worry about that. 

Now I stood in front of that freezer for a good ten (10) minutes.  No inspiration came to me.  Only endless options and combinations.  Did you ever see A Beautiful Mind where Russell Crowe’s character sees all these conspiracies and mathematical equations in normal things?  Well I swear, this decision turned into that.  I could have been on the precipice of splitting my mind and becoming schizophrenic.  All over ice cream.

I walked away with Cookie Dough and Mint Oreo.  Cookie overload.  

Moral of the story:  I'm sick of writing about clothes for the time being.

dress & heels: Forever 21; cardigan: Ralph Lauren, thrifted & gifted; scarf: thrifted; leather belt: James'



  1. LOVE THOSE HEELS(L) and the complete outfit I FOLLOW YOU ;)

  2. love the skirt and the heels. great outfit

  3. gorgeous outfit. the dress is beautiful. love your blog and the recipes. now following! check us out :)

  4. amazing colours that you are wearing. it would look complete with a parasol ;) HAHA

    F. ( x

  5. cookies! nomnomnom.
    i have to say your skirt is popping with color. i like it. im new to your blog and i really adore your photos. im now following.

  6. i love how you muted the colorful outfit with your brown pumps !
    really gorgeous !

  7. Gorgeous photos, the lighting is great! And I love your dress, it looks so cute, esp in the first 2 pics! :)


  8. Oh my gosh.. I feel you- I hate shopping with the hand basket! I feel so... limited (?) I mean, I just like to load it up with goodies. The challenge is carrying the packages home, but it's a small price to pay ;P

    I adore the dress you are wearing- the colors are amazing. It has a strong "mod" feel to it, and sort of reminds me of abstract art. I like that you chose to accessorize with brown- it warms up the look very nicely.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  9. It really is hard to write about clothes all the time. Not much to say. Bam, I'm wearing it. Now ice cream on the other hand....

    I love all the fun colors in this outfit!

  10. I love the scarf paired w/ the dress!! ;) adorably creative!

  11. Haha. You're a ice cream professional? Meet me, the cookie snob! LoL.

    BTW, loving your outfit! The dress to the scarf to the shoes! Ah-mazing.

  12. It took me a VERY long time to master grocery store shopping! I spent a few years alone on the "never go hungry" rule. It sounds kind of silly, but I actually have a very thoroughly thought out grocery list with staples. Things like avocados, green beans, fresh squeezed orange juice, and of course, dark chocolate. It's pretty extensive. I keep it in my main purse all of the time! Of course, when I get to the ice cream section... it's all over.
    PS: Nice dress!

  13. haha lovely post! I especially love the bit about the ice cream. ;) My favorite is Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip. ooooooh man oh man!

  14. Aww, you are so cute! I love that story :) And I really enjoy this look. It says domestic, but it also says fun.



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