Sunday, January 2, 2011

 This was a result of throwing a bunch of crap from my suitcase onto my body in an attempt to stay warm and wear a skirt at the same time (I know, during winter?  That's craaazy!).  It's a bit homeless looking, but I remained warm on one of the coldest nights of my vacation.  So... it's all good(These pictures, however, are not so good.  Apologies.)

I'm not really looking forward to traveling across the country tomorrow and will definitely miss my family and friends and, honestly, the cold.  I do miss having winter and the past couple of days it's actually been much more like a California winter than a New Hampshire one... figures.  Anywho, here's hoping my apartment in LA isn't under water.

cardigan, skirt, gold bracelets: thrifted, socks: American Apparel, leggings: Forever 21, Aerosmith tshirt: awesome & old, leather studded bracelet: Gorjana, scarf: PacSun, nail polish: Sally Hansen Grape Going!



  1. OMG ur apartment is underwater maybe?? noo! Good luck!

    Love the overknee socks and ur nail polish dear :)


  2. I hope your apartment is not underwater! Good luck with that! Best wishes for 2011!


  3. a cozy day! I love love love your socks :D

    xoxo summer

  4. great thigh-high socks and nail color!

    i hope all is good with your apartment!

  5. Thanks everyone! It's all good; LA is not underwater like the national news made it seem. =]

  6. the scarf is gorgeous !
    its a pleasure to see your photos :)

    many thanks for your compliments at my blog recap post :)
    glisters and blisters

  7. love love love knit socks, llegging, warmers, and etc :)

  8. That's actually a really nice color and texture combo with the skirt, sweater and socks. Nice choices.

  9. wonderful socks, i am a fan of them too :-)
    ♥ ♥ ♥


  10. everyone has those american apparel socks and i can spot them everywhere because everyone folds them down! were they making those socks for giants! they're soooo long!


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