Saturday, January 29, 2011

sweet emotion

I'm going to be completely honest, the only significant thing this outfit saw was me making some righteous mac and cheese.  However, it was a particularly trying week and, as stupid as it may sound, dressing up a little, putting on a pair of heels and twirling around has always made me feel better.  I did it all the time in college when I didn't want to write papers.

I think I was subconsciously channeling Steven Tyler here.  I've been watching American Idol and he is such a riot, not to mention Aerosmith was totally my first concert and one of my favorite bands.  Maybe deriving your outfit from a rock star is a good mood-lifter.  It certainly helped.  That and the fact that I know the week is over and can't happen again. 

The end of the week also means that I get to head on over to Lake Arrowhead to celebrate my roommate's birthday.  It's definitely a well timed mini-getaway.  So I hope you all have a great weekend and here's to a great week next week!

faux leather pants & black platform heels: Forever 21, shirt: Gap, scarf: gift from India, necklace: thrifted, ring: Charlotte Russe, bracelet: Rose Bowl flea market, head scarf: idea actually



  1. very nice look...i wasn't sure how steven tyler would be on american idol, but he works, even if it seems like he hits on every girl that comes in.


  2. Leather pants are the greatest thing. It is never a bad thing to play dress up. Not ever.

  3. Love the leather trousers and the turban! You look fab!

  4. Hi there,

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  5. Beautiful photos and fabulous lighting! You look gorgeous and your shoes are absolutely fantastic!

  6. loving the head scarf!
    and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    i hope you'll come visit the completely new COSMICaroline again soon with a better layout, revamped outfits, and a new photographer!


  7. Omg wonderful post! you're so gorgeous

  8. the pants + the shoes are perfect together!
    P.s. your rice casserole post is making me hungry!

  9. im not sure what the headdress is called.. but i've always loved those short of headbands ! you pulled yours WONDERFULLY !

    and i like the sparkly scarf too :)

  10. I like getting "dressed up" even when I have nowhere to go, too. It DOES make you feel better. Leather pants are also cool! Your look great!

  11. wow that look is really great! and such a beautiful pictures as well :)

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: would you like to join our giveaway, it's from Armani and Hugo Boss

  12. i totally need those f21 heels and that head piece is beautiful!

  13. I totally, TOTALLY feel ya! Sometimes, even dressing up for a hot second makes a world of difference.

    Love this, too! I love that you've paired the simple tee with some sparkly pieces and HOT shoes!


  14. Amezing photoes. Most of all I love your very beautiful shoes!
    Perfect look.



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