Monday, January 24, 2011

so let me be and i'll set you free

Not that these necessarily are, but I am not a sweatpants kind of gal.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind those who are, but I've just never been a big fan.  Jeans, leggings or tights are pretty much my go-to when it comes to covering up my legs.  Sweatpants just aren't all that comfortable to me... I think they remind me of being sick in the winter (probably because that's really only when I'd wear them).

However, regardless of their classification, these pants are amazing.  I was really excited to order them (seen here) even though they are harem-esque in sweatpants form... generally enough to keep me away.  Yet they seemed slimming to me and kind of chic.  I think I'm liking this whole dressing-up-activewear trend.  I feel like most people would say something like, "It's a great look to lounge around the house in" or something along those lines, but to me this look seemed a little high maintenance in an old Hollywood kind of way.  And I liked it.  (See... my views on sweatpants are thoroughly skewed.  Actually, my whole view on this outfit may be kind of skewed... but I do think of old Hollywood for some reason...)

pants, top, nude heels: Forever 21, bracelet: gift from grandmother


  1. NO SWEATPANTS! Ladies, they are not attractive.

  2. your shoes are just perfect!!!


  3. those nude heels are beautiful!!

    amazing pics too :)

  4. i adore the whole ensemble. classic and simple.

  5. love your tag! we are lalaland. come check it!

    if you like vintage clothing as much as i think you do please come and check out our amazing website! I think you might die!!


  6. YOUR SHOES ! and the front details of the top are just tooo adorable ! LOVE THEM MUCH <3

  7. Love the entire outfit! Especially the small touches like your gorgeous bracelet and heels!

  8. great shoes. x

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