Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so effin' nautical

Oh my goodness, my title is definitely an inside joke between a few of my friends and I and it makes me laugh every time I think about it...  Sorry, I guess that's possibly the worst title then because now I've alienated you.  Just say the phrase like you're a surfer dude and it has to at least sort of amuse you.

Anyway, stripes.  I mean, let's face it, I'm not going to say anything revolutionary about this trend.  I love it.  How can you not?  It's just soo effin' nautical.  (See now you're in on it too!!)  I wish I lived within walking distance of a body of water so I could really drive the point home (because the awesomeness factor of blue and white stripes increases with proximity to water).  I mean... I suppose there has to be a lake somewhere in Toluca Lake, but rumor has it that you have to be ultra-rich/famous/Miley Cyrus to know where it is.  So instead, this is the roof.  There's a tepid hot tub up there, but it's nothing worth taking a photo of.  I definitely need to find new places to take pictures.  There's a park across the street, but setting up a tripod and taking pictures of myself in front of hoards of children and their parents is possibly my biggest nightmare.  I envy people who can find secluded locations.  Don't get me wrong, I love city life, but it can certainly be hard to find your own space.

Enough with my rambling.  I think it's time I watch The Universe on Netflix and let the sweet sounds of cerebral science lull me to sleep.

dress & belt: Forever 21, boots: DSW, blazer: BCBG (thrifted & gifted from my grandma), bracelets: thrifted, rings: Charlotte Russe & my mother's, sunglasses: James found them at a water park he used to work at... classy!


  1. I adore your jacket! and the stripped dress is pretty awesome!

  2. amazing blog dear :-)
    follow each other?<3

  3. This look is so cute. I really like this dress and I adore your boots!!

  4. those boots are amazing! thanks for the comment and don't forget we offer 20% off to all bloggers we like! so let us know if you find anything you have to have. xx


  5. Soo effin' nautical! Hilarious. Cute outfit and remember, you may not live walking distance to the waters but you're closer to it than anyone in Arizona. Haha.

  6. your dress is very cute :) you can never go wrong with the nautical look :)
    i like the location you took these shots in!
    thanks i like them too, especially when i only had to pay $7.95 for them ;)

  7. adorable dress. we should follow each other.



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