Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saving It

rainy day

Oh you know, just a little peek at the things sitting in my shopping carts at Forever 21 and Yesstyle.  I'm really trying not to press "Check Out" just yet because it probably isn't right to use your gift cards immediately after the holidays.  Right??  [Opposing arguments gladly welcomed.]
I mean, I have been dying to get me some nude suede-like pumps and this camel cape trend has really caught my interest.  There's something so old school glamor about it (plus, it's a freakin' cape)!  Speaking of which... I'm in LA and don't have a pair of fantastic (yet cheap, because I always break them) Jackie O. sunglasses.  I'm also loving the sweatpants chic thing going on right now where you just add a pair of heels and call it a day.  Oh and my final wannabe justification: I really need a retro belt to go with the vintagey high-waist jeans my mother so kindly hemmed for me back in NH...
But... it's seriously too soon.



  1. i really like the cape:) and the beige shoes!!! stop by sometime:) hope you like my blog xxx

  2. love the first pair of shoes!
    happy new year!

  3. Melina - if these items are on sale, GRAB THEM! Luvin the shades B-)
    Because sometimes, it's just funny.

  4. Use the giftcard!! :)
    Love all of your picks!

  5. i just bought some sweat pants from forever 21 in grey for 14 its a must you should get them they look great :-) press that check out button girl loll

  6. I want nude pumps too.. chic chic chic.

    xx Tess S.

  7. My favorites are those leggings in the top right! I am obsessed :)

    xoxo Summer

  8. I love those beige shoes/heels, I want! I want!

  9. i like those a lot annnnnnnd i love your header.

  10. Totally hot!
    This collection is fab :D

  11. i have leggings very similar to those and I love them!

  12. love those f21 shoes, I wanna get one as soon as possible


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