Monday, January 17, 2011

rock on ancient queen

If someone asked me who I find the most inspiring it would be, hands down, Stevie Nicks.  I adore her to the point where it makes me so not cool, but I don't care.  I love her music and don't even get me started on her style.  Shawls, chiffon, leotards, platform boots, velvet, exotic hats, lace... all thrown together in such a unique and mysterious way.  I'm sure I could find more contemporary girls who do a modern spin on Stevie's getup, but honestly, I just love the way she pulls it off.  It works for her better than anyone else (duh she's a rock star!).  Therefore I'd strongly suggest not walking around a carbon copy of her, but you can certainly take away influences from her style.  One item of something Stevie-esque is enough to make a whole outfit special.

At least that's my totally biased and unapologetic opinion.

What's really funny is that a few years ago I was looking for tall, black platform boots like she wears.  Well I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere.  Now, just a short while later, platform boots are all the rage.  Love!

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  1. Cool blog. Found it while reading This Time Tomorrow. Following you now.


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