Friday, January 14, 2011

clouds in my coffee

The first thing James said when he saw me in this outfit was, "Those look like pants my Grandma would wear."  Ahh, men and their insights.  He redeemed himself, but in a way that I informed him was called back-peddling.

Whatever, I love them.  Granted my mother had to hem about three feet off the bottom... while I was wearing 5 inch heels...  Yes, I can ride the roller coasters, I'm not quite that short.  Yet.  Anyway, I digress: these are retro and the color is amazing.  They may be very high-waisted and I may have worn them with vertical stripes on top.  Uh oh, that's usually two strikes against the rules.  Whatever.  When you love something it doesn't matter if it loves you back (wait, don't apply that advice to all aspects of life), just that you feel awesome... even if it's in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way (now that you can take to the effin' bank!).

jeans: J Brand via Gilt, striped shirt: Urban Outfitters, jacket: Kohls?, necklace & belt: Forever 21, platform heels: Jessica Simpson


  1. wow,amazing jeans :)
    love ur blog
    hope u check out mine

  2. love the jeans. following ur blog now. hope you do the same

  3. i LOVE these jeans and they make you look really tall!

  4. those jeans are incredibleeeee.

    xxo Tess S.

  5. love the flare pants and the awesome shoes! amazing girl!

  6. your jeans are freakin amazing!!! Love your look!


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