Wednesday, December 8, 2010

True Romance

Southern California was graced with lovely weather in the 70s today (I'll bask in all the warm weather I can get before going to New England).  I gladly took the opportunity to wear this ridiculously girly dress I got off Ebay.  Do you notice it's the same color as afternoon light?  Someday I would love to do wedding photography on the side and I always practice in this dress because it's so flowy and romantic.  These are the On Repeat boots from ModCloth and are pretty much the only 'winter' boot one would need in this climate.  They seem to fulfill the utilitarian and retro trend all at the same time.  I have pretty much worn them every day, all over the city.  They take lovely pictures!  (I may need more friends...)  I was also pretty psyched to find my old watch during the Great Clean-up last weekend because I'm sort of over having to use my cell phone to keep time.



  1. The shoes and dress are beautiful! The photos are very inspiring!

  2. great photos. i love your dress

  3. I love your dress and boots!xx


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