Wednesday, December 15, 2010

See if you can spot this one

Lazy Sundays.  Where James gets sucked into about 23 all-consuming fantasy football leagues and I'm left wandering in and out of football consciousness.  Sometimes I get bored and dress up like a 1980s street urchin and take ridiculous mirror pictures.  Truth.  Though I am digging this sash that I got from American Apparel (actually called The Sash... as if it should be revered as a holy relic of street style or something...) because my hair is growing out from the super short cut I got in August and I'm loving anything that makes it look less matronly.  Pair it with gigantic door knocker earrings and a sparkly Rolling Stones shirt and you've got an amalgamation [vocab word of the day!] of about three different eras in one outfit.  Sounds like a Sunday look to me.

Oh also, isn't it nice that the trees in LA decided to get all fall-like in the middle of December?  It's cute that they try.

Also, also: major bonus interwebs points for anyone in the under-20 crowd (or even 20-somethings I guess) who can tell me what song this title is from (don't Google it, you jerk).  Ahhhh, I'm definitely middle-aged at heart.

Head sash: American Apparel, Earrings: probably Claire's, Tshirt: ummm, old?, Ring: Charlotte Russe



  1. i like your cat. i have a female named gypsy. they are such cuties.

  2. i'll be back for sure!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    i hope you're having a happy holiday!
    and come visit the revamped COSMICaroline, with new outfits and new band videos!


  3. love this photo diary :) if you have a spare moment I would love if you visited me.

    F. ( x

  4. im soooo glad that i found your blog !
    its filled with some wonderful photography work there !!
    following <3

    glisters and blisters

  5. Fantastic photos! Love, love, love lazy Sundays too :o))

  6. what a good selection of photos! your camera takes such gorgeous clear shots, i love your purple headband!
    & cute kitty.x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Is that a 55D you're using. If so it's a great camera, it's what I use for all of my projects.


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