Monday, December 13, 2010

Wait long enough and it will work

One of the several things I'm looking forward to when I go back to New England (on Saturday, yaaayy!), is seeing what bits and pieces of old clothes I have there.  I know that all my boots are still there (intentionally left... though don't ask what on earth I was thinking) and I'm pretty sure I have a vintage dress I bought years ago that I never quite knew how to work.  I did, however, ask my mother to send me these shoes that I bought way back when I first lived in Boston my freshman year of college.  They never felt quite appropriate throughout the years, but after seeing plenty of t-straps and tan leather wedges about on the interwebs recently, these became a lot more appealing!  I find it really funny that when I bought these, I thought the height was almost daunting.  The metallic gold pinstripe, ruffley blouse is also quite old as I learned the hard way while we were out and the top button kept popping open... Hmm, will definitely have to try and fix that!



  1. i love those shoes. great outfit

  2. Have to agree withe the others the shoes look amazing!


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