Saturday, December 4, 2010


I had a relatively busy week, working and driving all over LA which is always oh so fun.  In the end it's good because I become more familiar with the city with each errand I have to run, but ohhhh the traffic and stress.  This is, sadly, the only brown belt I have here.  A little too Annie Get Your Gun for me, so I'm hoping I have something a little thinner and more subtle back in New England that I can return with.  And also, how do people do the ever so cool, partially tucked in look?  I tend to fail at it, as displayed.  Perhaps it's not a look for women of a certain chest size...

Is this post just me being negative after a long week?  Not my intention!!  I'm excited to see the Black Swan this weekend and I like this yellow, striped shirt I'm wearing (I feel like my mother had a similar shirt back when I was a kid?  Maybe?  Mom?).  How's that for positivity?



  1. oh im so excited to see black swan when it comes out in australia!
    i think you did the partially tucked in look quite well yourself! im no pro at it either im afraid,, i dont exude that 'coolness'.
    hope next weeks better for you :)x

  2. Aww, thank you so much! It should be! =]

  3. I agree with alannah about the partially tucked in look. I actually thought it just "happened" until I read it was intentional... Proof that you pulled it off!


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