Friday, December 17, 2010

Let me take you on a moonlight ride

My brain is totally fried.  As usual, I've been procrastinating all day from packing by trying to redesign the look of the blog.  With pretty limited html knowledge...  I guess I'll literally do anything to avoid packing.  Including jumbling my brain, which was not made for web design.

I'm listening to Solsbury Hill, you know, that Peter Gabriel song.  It's really intense with headphones on.  Because I know you were just dying to know...

Okay this is the most irrelevant post yet.  Gotta go find some other form of procrastination so I can just throw a bunch of crap into a suitcase tomorrow and hope for the best.  It kinda becomes an Odyssey of the Mind-like project (is that a nationwide thing?) when I do that!  I'll probably throw this outfit in there, only +12 more layers of tights.  Bring it on, New Hampshire winter (loljk... don't)!!

flannel shirt: Sidecca, faux leather skirt & watch: Forever 21, rings: Target & Charlotte Russe, necklace: Rose Bowl Flea Market, heels: freakin' Payless bitches!



  1. i love this outfit the leather with plaid is amazing! Web design is fun! i like your blog this way! have a nice trip and get many many outfits!

  2. I love the ring :-)

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  3. I love how you have style this outfit with gold jewelery. It just makes the whole outfit pop!

    ooo..such a cute bow ring btw ;)

  4. Luv to procrastinate (I'm a natural) love to listen to Salsbury Hill w/ my Bose earbuds (trust me you will never use any other), and welcome to chapped lip weather! Chillin in NJ...

  5. Bows are my favorite! Love the tights too!
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  6. Great look! LOVE the leather skirt!

    Found your blog from This Time Tomorrow. Good stuff.


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