Monday, December 13, 2010

Down Ventura Blvd

(driving down Ventura into Studio City, James & coke, the puppy next to us, I'll never be able to finish Chipotle burritos, James' Simple Shoe, James took over and got artsy, my favorite zipper Steve Maddens and Nine West bag, the sunset as we were leaving)
James' newest obsession is Chipotle and since the temperatures were so nice this weekend it was fun just sitting outside on Ventura Blvd people watching and whatnot.  I really like Studio City, especially this strip on Ventura where there are a bunch of stores you can walk to and plenty of restaurants.  Walking in LA seems so novel.  Oh and again, I soaked in the unseasonably warm temps without complaint!  Before we left we couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures of the sky.  I have to hand it to southern California... it knows how to do a sunset right.



  1. love those shoes and that nail polish color!

  2. Looks like your pup was into the guacamole! Green tongue! The sunset is gorgeous! One day I'll get out that way....


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