Thursday, November 11, 2010


Let's go back in time a little bit.  You see, my best friends and I have known each other since we were about 11 and never let each other forget some of the more questionable style choices we made throughout our awkward years (and our awkward years lasted longer than most).  Whether it be non-existent eyebrows, terrible hair or seizure inducing pattern combinations, we keep each other real.

I would have to say somewhat proudly, somewhat mortified, that one of our most infamous fashion misdemeanors was committed by yours truly.  Circa 1999.  The Skants Incident.

Never a huge fan of skorts (shorts-and-skirt-in-one), what led me to purchase a pair of pants-and-skirt-in-one is beyond me.  However, to my defense the pants were slim fitting, black and overall it wasn't an ostentatious fashion statement in my mind.  Just a little something different.  I little fashion forward in a sea of twelve year-olds in jeans.

I wore them to a birthday party.  And never again...

So imagine my surprise as I'm flipping through the November issue of InStyle and what do I see?

(sent to my friends via text .3 seconds after opening to this page)

Givenchy skants.
They may call them pants with attached skirt, but if that rationalizing didn't work for twelve year-old Melina, it ain't flying now!

Call me crazy, but I swear mine were slightly more tailored and thus more flattering.

Regardless, I am truly considering writing a heartfelt thank you note to Givenchy and/or the editors at InStyle for vindicating my fashion decision over a decade ago.  If I only I had an extra $680 lying around, I would totally wear these every day just to prove my point!

See, I was just too stylistically innovative for you all!


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