Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rose Bowl Flea Market

Sunday morning James and I woke up and trekked on over to Pasadena for the much talked about Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I must say, many of the rumors I've heard were true.  It is enormous.  It gets crowded quick.  You can literally find anything there.  It also happened to fall on one of the hottest days we've had in awhile.  Nevertheless it was a lot of fun!

We didn't pick up all that much (James kept reminding me that this was our test run and that we could return as seasoned veterans).  James did get some old New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts license plates to add to his collection of tin-like/metal signs (also to honor all the roommates' home states and our college's state- the trinity we jokingly refer to as the best of New England).  I managed to get my hands on a multi-strand necklace and some gold bracelets.  All in all, it was a decent first run.

We of course had to take the obligatory picture or two in front of the actual field (at James' insistence).  Random side note: once upon a time one of my friends asked me if I was wearing shoulder pads (waaay before any sort of  shoulder pad revival took place) and of course I wasn't and we laughed about it... but now I can sort of see why she thought that.  Maybe I was just pretending to be a linebacker for this shot?

Also, all the Rose Bowl concessions handed out two dollar bills for change.  Maybe I'm a little slow... but I didn't even realize they were still producing these!  I was truly concerned that they were counterfeit and promptly deposited them into an ATM as soon as we left lest any other merchants think so too.  They weren't, so all is good.

My only wish was that I had had more time to look around.  At about noon James was itching to get back home and immerse himself in the football world.  So I assume any trips after football season won't result in such time constraints.


  1. you look so cute here! I LOVE TWO DOLLAR BILLS! I have a strange obsession with them haha :)


  2. cute pictures!i'm following you! You can enter my TORY BURCH giveaway on my blog if you wish! Kises


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