Thursday, November 18, 2010


I took my newly acquired [from the flea market] necklace out for groceries today.  I was worried at first that it was just a little too gold, but quickly warmed up to it.  Hey I figure, go big or go home.  I'm a rather loud person, so I don't have a problem wearing loud things.  Also, the details pictured in the last photo make this necklace a lot less "old Italian man sitting in a corner coffee shop"... at least in my opinion.  (I'm sure my mother will see this and roll her eyes.  I was never good at subtle styling, something I always give her kudos for considering it meant that she breezed through the 80s with nary a mall-bangs pouf or acid wash jean in sight).

Oh and I also took a picture of Nomar, he was making weird noises and pouncing on the glass of the sliding door.  He's a little odd.


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