Monday, November 29, 2010

Floral & Floral

The day after Thanksgiving I found myself without anything to do for an afternoon.  So obviously I decided to play dress up as a form of procrastination from cleaning my room.  The room did get cleaned and rearranged eventually, but with a lot of help from my Virgo boyfriend.  Hey, us Aries' get a little sidetracked when going through our stuff.  Besides, I rarely get to wear these shoes that I've now had forever.

Also.  The Edge poster... definitely not my idea.


  1. yey I'm looking to make blog-friends around the globe. Your photos are amazing. check out my blog to see if you like it, but I just started it
    Hugs from Madrid (Spain)

  2. wow the shoes with those tights - that looks very pretty!

  3. my room is in a desparate need of a tidy up but i have no motivation :(
    love this outfit youre wearing though, it really looks great.x

  4. that shoes!!!! great pictures :)



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