Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chocolatey Sunday

There's something about football season that makes every Sunday seem wonderfully lazy.  Even the weather in southern California cooperated today and was perfectly overcast and cool.  I decided that the best way to start the day was to make some chocolate chip muffins.

I got the recipe here and got started.  My roommate has this odd looking pan that I thought was just a big muffin tin pan, so I decided it would be kind of cool to try making big muffins.

Wrong!  About halfway through cooking them I realized, "Oh duh!  This is a popover pan!" (why my male roommate, who doesn't do a ton of baking, has a popover pan is beyond me).  However, the muffins were still pretty good.  Not overwhelmingly sweet and the chocolate chips were evenly distributed throughout.  Though I would suggest making them normal sized because they are definitely quite filling.

Overall, my popover muffins were exactly what this gloomy Sunday needed.

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